10 Criteria for SEO Training

Yes its that time of the year again. SEO training for Bruce Clay in October and seen as the early bird offer is about to expire, what better than to provide a public service than giving you some criteria to judge SEO training on, and letting you know where to find Bruce Clay SEO Training.

Getting your in-house SEO and consulting teams trained is critical as search engine ranking competition continues to grow. Getting them trained, armed with toolsets and methodologies and giving them the confidence to make key decisions on site structure, content and linking even more so. Pondering training options

Expecting SEO teams to learn from blog posts, forums and websites is not ideal. Finding the right training is however a good start and should deliver long term results.I obviously think Bruce Clay training is pretty good having done it now 5 times, but in case you are not convinced, judge for yourself. Here are 10 criteria you should consider before booking and sending your staff off to any SEO training.

  1. Course content: Does the course cover at least the SEO fundamentals of technical, content and linking as well as establish a framework for how to approiach these?
  2. Course depth: Does the training spend sufficient time on each of the above areas to ensure participants can apply what they have learnt?
  3. Approach and Methodology: Does the approach include a logical framework and methodology. SEO is complex, you will need a proven appraoch to get results. Hap hazard application drives hap hazard and knee jerk results.
  4. Tools: Trying to do SEO without tools is like trying to do brain surgery with a hammer. Does the course recommend or even better provide access to tools? Are these tools supported? Who owns them and are there any privacy concerns with data that may be collected or submitted? Do you get access to these tools as part of the course fees?
  5. Facilitator: Who provides the training? What is their background, experience and seniority? No point is listening to someone with less experience than yourself.
  6. Support: Is there ongoing support after the training?
  7. Course ratings: Are there any external parties who have rated the training? Look for reviews and feedback from previous course participants.
  8. Organisation experience: What experience does the organisation have in SEO and in training SEO? Is the course established? Have they done this before, is it core to their business? Have they invested in the training?
  9. Cost: Take into account facilities, company experience, course materials. the length of the course and ongoing access to intellectual property. Does the investment in the training stack up?
  10. Ethics: Does the organisation providing the training have a spam policy or are they associated with a code of ethics to ensure what is being taught is not commonly regarded as black-hat SEO??

Bruce Clay has been training for over 7 years now with monthly training in California and six monthly training around the world where Bruce Clay has key offices, including London, Sydney and Japan. Courses are cozy to focus on knowledge transfer and usually held at a 5 star Sydney hotel to ensure the comfort of attendees. The last 3 courses have been at the Shangri-La in The Rocks, Sydney. Im obviously biased, but consider the above criteria, check out the Bruce Clay website and see how Bruce Clay training stacks up.

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